8 Best Arc Welders For Beginners – Top Picks & Reviews

Arc welding is a common, cost-effective form of welding that uses an electric arc to heat the base material until it melts into a puddle. While this process may seem intimidating at first, there are many effective arc welders for beginners on the market that make it easy for you to learn.

If you are an entry-level welder, below are the top-rated arc welders for you to choose from. With many positive reviews and the support of an established brand, we chose eight of the best arc welders for beginners, which come with eye-catching features that make welding fun.

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The 8 Best Arc Welders For Beginners

1. Weldpro MIG155GSV Arc WELDER

The Weldpro MIG155GSV is a high end welding machine. It is designed for heavy industrial use, with 150 amp output and voltage range from 30 to 155 amps. Built in IGBT inverter design offers automatic over heat and over current protection as well as 4T/2T modes for continuous or intermittent welds.

The model 155 incorporates 2T/4T modes. 4T is useful if you have a long weld to do, as it saves you having to hold the trigger down the whole time. Great feature for out of position welding. The compact size and ergonomics makes this a very portable machine and is extremely easy to transport from location to location. With the ability to work on both 110 and 230 volts, this is a true workhorse with a completely portable footprint. The Arc WELDER also comes with a power cable, ground clamp and gas hose for you to get started.

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2. PrimeWeld 160A Arc Welder – Best Overall

The PrimeWeld 160A Arc Welder is portable, compact and lightweight. It delivers a considerable amount of power in a compact, portable design, making it a handy option for many kinds of jobs in many different settings.

Getting into welding can be a bit daunting as there are a few things to get used to. If you’re new to the art, you’ll want a machine that will provide peace of mind and comfort like the PrimeWeld 160A Arc Welder. This is a dual voltage unit that will allow you to use it for different purposes.

The welding is clean and smooth, with the same high-quality craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from PrimeWeld. This is one of the best arc welders for beginners because it’s not just easy to set up, but also gives a high-quality weld every time.

This is an affordable unit at $199, which might be more than some are looking to spend on an entry level unit, that’s why this is one of the best arc welder for beginners on our top ten list. You’ll pay for quality in this case. More review from this brand about PrimeWeld TIG225X.

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3. KickingHorse A220 Arc Welder

The Kickinghorse A220 is a great little weld machine for the price. It is a simple wire feed welder that includes many features that you would only find on more expensive machines.

When it comes to simplicity and portability, the KickingHorse A220 has few competitors. Its simple design makes it easy and intuitive to operate, enabling anyone to have the same great welding experience as the pros.

KickingHorse A220 arc welder is a 220 amp rated output @ 25% duty cycle at 170F (40°C) ambient temperature. This product is covered by KickingHorse 1(one) year manufacturer guarantee that provides excellent arc strike performance at rust surface. The authenticity of the rated output amperage and duty cycle of all KickingHorse welding inverters are certified by CSA/US. So you can use on both at workplace and home 100% safe & legally.

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4. Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder

The Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder is a popular model among beginner welders. It comes with great features, but while the price point is less than some others, it can be difficult to get a hold of because of its popularity.

New welding enthusiasts will love the easy to use functions available with the Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder. Even experts will appreciate how precise and controlled you can make your work when you utilize this machine’s advanced features.

The Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder will allow you to do your work with ease. This is a high quality machine that can handle most jobs with its 90 amps of power. With the Inverter power system, you can achieve a high quality weld with the highest precision.

It can handles up to 1/8 inch rod, and the trigger switch is ambidextrous. The arc start knob allows you to start the arc very quickly, and the dial-adjustable post arc brake gives you flexibility in your welding.

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5. AmicoPower ARC-200 Arc Welder

This is a Stick Arc and Lift-TIG combo welding machine with an industrial level design. It is compatible with all electrodes: E6010, E6011, E6013, E7014, E7018, etc. The machine has an excellent Lift-TIG arc welding function; 5-200A comfortably welds thin stainless steel and other various metals.

AMICO Power ARC 200 Arc Welder comes fully equipped with useful and essential features such as auto selection feature detects input voltage automatically, allowing you to easily switch between 100~250V/50~60Hz input power. Almost all of the voltages and frequencies can be used for your convenience! And it’s easy to adjust the arc force settings to adjust your custom welding needs.

ARC-200 is a welding machine with advanced IGBT inverter technology and excellent arc characteristics, which can be used for a long period of time with an extended power cord up to 700 feet. Automatic adjustment of welding parameters: needle position, current, voltage and gas flow.

This is one of the best arc welders for entry level users because it offers advanced features, but at an incredibly affordable price point. If you need something with more power than most models on the market, the AmicoPower ARC-200 might be just what you need.

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6. S7 200 Amp Arc Welder

The S7 200 Amp Arc Welder is a tool that allows you to make all kinds of metal creations. It is a TIG/ARC 2-in-1, which offers electrode holder, earth clamp and tong components. This machine is an excellent choice for welders who are just getting started.

The S7 200 Amp Arc Welder has TIG/ARC 2-in-1 technology, which improves the performance of this machine and allows it to deliver a flawless weld. This welding device has a duty cycle of 85%, making it an excellent choice for projects that require long durations, such as pipe and wire transmission lines. Additionally, you can weld from 110 to 220 voltage with this machine.

It’s easy to get started with this machine, too. It has a long power cord and ground clamp, so it attaches right up to your workbench. It comes with a number of accessories so you can get started right away. You’ll be able to weld anything from mild steel to stainless with this machine and achieve a quality weld every time.

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7. S SIMDER 140A Arc Welder

If you’re interested in welding and want to do some metal work around the house, then there are a lot of things that you’ll need to know. One of the most important tools that you can get is an arc welder. Here are 10 great beginner’s arc welders for sale right now!

The Synergic mode on this MIG welder will automatically change the voltage by adjusting the current which is perfect for beginners! Advanced IGBT Inverter makes it easy to operate and portable too.

This is an ARC & MIG 2 in 1 Welding machine. 140Amp DC 110V/220V Dual Voltage MIG welder with package includes MIG Torch, Electrode holder, Ground clamp, 110V/220V Adapter and etc. This Wire Feed MIG Welder is suitable for welding iron, carbon, steel and etc. Great choice for household welding, or DIY project on steel.

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8. YESWELDER 205Amp Arc Welder

This is a dual voltage welding machine that is perfect for when you’re working with different metals. The special technology that this machine has, it is dual voltage and can be used to weld in either 110V or 220V.

If you’re looking for something that’s affordable, but can still do quality welding, the YESWELDER 205Amp Arc Welder is a great choice. It’s made from high-quality materials, so you can use this machine for a long time without any problems.

The YesWelder 205Amp is a portable, compact design with weight of under 10lbs. It is perfect for both professionals and beginners looking to try their hand at welding. It gives you the power to work faster and easier with automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation, over current protection, over load protection, temperature control.

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Final words

It’s always important to find the best beginner’s arc welders as a great opportunity to get started on your new hobby. Whether you’re looking for something basic or something more advanced, there are plenty of arc welders for sale that fit the bill.

Be sure to do your research and take time deciding which one will be the best fit for you. Some of these models even have warranties, so if there’s ever an issue with them, you can get it resolved quickly. Best of luck.

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