How to Mig Welding – Tips for Beginners

Mig welding

Mig welding is a popular method of metalworking that uses an electric arc. It’s easy to join two pieces of metal together, but you must know how to do it safely and correctly. If you’ve never mig welded before and are looking for tips on how to get started with this technique, read on! Safety … Read more

How to Stick Weld – Basics for Beginners Guide

Stick welding

Stick welding is a technique used to form the weld bead by dragging the torch tip across a surface. Stick welding can be done with an acetylene gas torch or an oxyfuel gas torch, but it’s generally easier to use an oxyfuel welder because of its lower temperature output. It also requires less skill than … Read more

Why won’t my MIG Welder Arc

why won't my mig welder arc-min

A MIG welder will only arc if it’s connected to the correct voltage and current. If your MIG welder doesn’t arc, it could be an issue with the electrical connection. If your MIG welder doesn’t arc, the electrical connection could be a problem. If your MIG welder doesn’t arc, the electrical connection could be a … Read more

How to choose a MIG welder

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Mig welding is the most popular method of joining metals and is also the easiest. A MIG welder uses electricity to heat a wire that runs between two pieces of metal. When the wire heats up enough, it melts through its surrounding material like butter on a hot skillet—which is why this type of welding … Read more

What shade lens for MIG welding

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When welding, you want to protect your eyes from the heat and sparks that come from the process. The right shade lens will keep you safe when welding, but it’s also essential to have a clear view of what you’re working on. Fortunately, all kinds of shades are available for every type of welding application, … Read more

How to weld stainless steel with a MIG welder

how to weld stainless steel with a mig welder-min

Welding stainless steel has many advantages. It’s solid and durable and won’t rust or corrode like cast iron. But there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to weld stainless steel: stickier than you think successfully, mill scale causes problems (and causes them again), and so on. If you follow … Read more

How to set up a MIG welder

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Mig weld is a process that uses electricity to melt metal. It’s less dangerous than arc welding, but it can still get you burned if you’re not careful. If you’re new to MIG welding, here are some things you’ll need before getting started: Welder A MIG weld is a type of machine used for welding … Read more

What gas for MIG Welding Aluminum

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MIG welding aluminum is an exciting but challenging process. It can join two pieces of metal together in a single pass, which means you don’t have to cut off excess material and weld over it again later. However, this requires proper setup and technique and some knowledge about the type of equipment available for MIG … Read more