8 Best Welding Inverter Machines – Complete Guide & Reviews

Learning to weld is not that difficult and can be fun. Inverters are designed to make welding easier by improving the speed and control of your welding machine.

If you are a welder, you know how important it is to have a reliable welding machine. And when it comes to welding machines, you can’t go wrong with an inverter machine. Inverter machines are more efficient than traditional welding machines and can be used for a variety of different projects.

In this guide you will learn how to choose the best welding inverter machine for you and your family. You’ll learn about inverter machines that are good for beginners, heavy-duty machines for professional welders, and more.

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is a device that takes the direct current electricity generated by your battery or generator and changes it into alternating current electricity. It’s a type of power supply that converts DC power to AC power, which is what we need to run our welding machine.

Benefits of Inverter Welding Machines

As mentioned before, inverter machines are more efficient than traditional welding machines. They improve the speed and control of your machine while using less gas. This is because inverter machines use AC generators to create the electricity. Traditional welding machines use a DC generator, which means you need to step down the voltage of the electricity for it to run effectively through your machine.

What are an Inverter Machine’s Components?

Inverter machines have many different components. The main components are the power source, live panel, circuit breakers, gas control box and inverter. The power source is where your electricity comes from to run the machine and is usually a battery or a generator. The live panel includes your main switch, circuit breakers and pilot light. These components are only found on AC machines because they use an external power source. The gas control box regulates how much gas is fed into the welding gun. And lastly, the inverter makes sure that the electricity is turned into AC power. It uses an AC generator to complete this process.

The 8 Best Welding Inverter Machines

1. BLUEARC 140 MSI Inverter Welding Machine

The Bluearc 140 MSI is a portable and lightweight welding machine that is capable of both MIG and STICK welding. It features advanced single IGBT technology for increased reliability, fits standard 2lb and 11lb spools, and includes an integrated MIG torch, ground clamp, and stinger. Bluearc 140 MSI can welds steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

If you are new to welding, this machine is a great option for you. It is lightweight and can be moved around easily. And if you ever need to take it with you on the go, it is easy to transport.

It is perfect for the home or small business owner who needs a machine that is capable of welding steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

2. Blue Demon BlueArc 200STI-DC Inverter Welding Machine

The BlueArc 200STI-DC is a top of the line machine that offers premium performance and quality. This machine is capable of welding stainless steel, aluminum and other ferrous materials. BlueArc 200STI-DC can be run on 110V or 230V making it versatile for use in a variety of settings. The welding machine also comes with a remote pedal, style 17 tig torch, electrode holder (stiger), ground clamp (earth ground), hose with connections, gas hose, and gas regulator.

This is one of the best choice for newbie welders and people who don’t have all the equipment needed for a specific welding project.

3. VEVOR 200A Inverter Welding Machine

VEVOR 200A TIG Welder is a powerful, portable welding machine for industrial and professional use. It is perfect for welding aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals. The Tig welder uses an advanced IGBT inverter that provides stable current and voltage during welding. This guarantees quality welds with low distortion.

The digital display on the VEVOR 200A TIG Welder makes it easy to set the correct parameters for your project, while the over-heat and over-current welding defend system protects the TIG welding machine from damage. VEVOR 200A TIG Welder has a built-in automatic ground clamp and comes with a hose, gas welding gun and gas regulator.

4. TOOLIOM 135A MIG Welder

The TOOLIOM 135A MIG Welder is a powerful, portable 3-in-1 welding machine capable of welding mild steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. It has an output current of up to 135A and can weld materials up to 1/8 inch (3.0mm) thick. The welder is powered by standard 110 (120V) household current and features a large viewing screen with true color technology. The TOOLIOM 135A MIG Welder also comes with a large viewing screen that is powered by true color technology 4 premium redundant arc sensors.

This is a good welding inverter machine if you need a portable MIG welder that also can weld stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. It is great for home projects or day to day welding repairs.

5. Reboot RBM1500 Welding Inverter Machine

The RBM1500 welding inverter machine from Reboot is perfect for both gasless (flux core wire) and gas (solid wire) welding. With a current range of 10-150 amps, it can handle up to .030’’ thickness carbon steel, stainless steel, and mild steel. It also comes with a WP17V flexible welding cable with a quick fitting connector for easy setup.

The torch head is adjustable to any angle, and the V-style torch knob allows for easy and convenient gas adjustments. It is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who needs a powerful, reliable welding machine that can weld carbon steel, stainless steel and mild steel.

6. QPKING M528 Welding Inverter Machine

QPKING M528 Welding Inverter Machine is a multipurpose machine that can weld multiple types of metals. It has three different welding modes: MIG, TIG, and MMA. The wire feeding frequency can be adjusted to get the desired result. This machine uses a high-quality wire feeding machine for smooth wire feed. It is optimized for flawless welding, which makes spatter and post-weld cleanup practically nonexistent.

The QPKING M528 Welding Inverter Machine is perfect for beginner and professional welders. It is easy to operate, lightweight and portable. The welding machine has three modes: gas shielded welding mode, manual welding mode and Lift TIG mode. The Gas Shielded Welding Mode displays the preset value while the Manual Welding Mode displays the actual value. This welding machine also has Current Display which shows the wire feed speed preset value and actual current during welding in MIG mode, and voltage adjustment in TIG mode.

7. TOOLIOM 200A TIG Welder

The Tooliom 200A TIG Welder offers precision and versatility for the welder who wants to explore their creativity. It can be plugged into a standard 120V or 230V circuit and is perfect for the hobbyist, maker, small fabricator, or craftsman. With a friendly user interface, it’s easy to set-up and get started welding. The TIG welder offers a non-contact arc initiation that reduces tungsten and material consumption. It also has a stick welding capability that allows you to use the stick electrodes.

Tooliom welder has a soft start feature, an arc force control, and a cable feed speed control to offer tight control over your welding project.
The TOOLIOM 200A TIG Welder is a versatile 2-in-1 machine that can be used for TIG welding, stick welding, and arc welding. It’s made of high quality materials and features an IGBT inverter for stable performance. The welder has a digital display for easy readings, and comes with a 10 pack of 3/32″ x 7″ lanthanated tungsten electrodes.

8. Lincoln Electric K2789-2 Inverter Machine

The Lincoln K2789-2 inverter stick welder is the perfect tool for the do-it-yourselfer or handyman who needs to weld up to 1/4″ of material. It comes with many features that make welding easy. For example, the stick welding clamp holds two welding electrodes in place for accurate and easy adjustments. This handy inverter machine can easily be stored away during a project, but will not require much space when in use.

If you are a pro welder you know that it is important to control the weld to prevent defects from occurring. The Lincoln K2789-2 has a built-in weld current controller for dialing in just the right amount of power for your project. If you need a more powerful inverter machine, this unit will allow you to weld up to 1/4″.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide about welding inverter machine. There are many different factors that you need to consider when purchasing a welding machine. In order to ensure that you purchase a high-quality unit, it’s important to always compare prices and also read reviews from other customers who have purchased the same product.

The welding inverter machine is an ideal welding device for the professional and amateur alike. It is easier to use than a MIG welder, but can weld on nearly every metal. This easy-to-use unit will allow you to create all kinds of unique projects, and save you money in the process.

We are hoping that our reviews and recommendations will help you find the right inverter machine for your welding project.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We look forward to hearing what you think.

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