7 Best Welding Helmet For Flux Core – Top Picks & Reviews

A welding helmet is an essential part of any welder’s tool set. Without one, they wouldn’t be able to see while they’re in the middle of welding. The only problem is that there are a lots of different models on the market and it can be hard to choose which one best welding helmet for flux core that you need.

Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you so that you don’t have to spend money on something unnecessarily complicated and bulky. Today, we’re going to go over the top 7 welding helmet options to help you narrow down what’s right for you.

Top 3 Picks For Quick Comparison

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The 7 Best Welding Helmet For Flux Core

1. YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

YesWelder LYG-L500A is a true color, auto-darkening welding helmet. Due to it’s solar powered design, it can allow the welder to enter a dark area without the need for batteries or electricity. Its broad viewing angle and true color lens is what makes this a great welding helmet.

This welding helmet is both stylish and well built. The headgear has an oversized comfort cushion that provides a nice fit and increased support. They also have a wide shade range so you can select the right size for your eyes. This model is solar powered, so you don’t need any wires or anything to make it work. This is great for those who live in a hard to charge area as well. The battery life is also impressive at up to 72+ hours with the included three cell battery.

2. TOOLIOM Solar Powered Welding Helmet

This welding helmet is a great option for those who are looking for a no-frills model. It’s solar powered, so there aren’t any wires to worry about. You can easily switch between weld and grind modes by using the external knob.

There’s also an inbuilt sensitivity adjustment knob that will keep you from getting an electric shock when you’re touching metal with the helmet on. This model is lightweight and has padded headgear that reduces pressure on your head and provides better comfort overall.

The TOOLIOM Solar Powered Welding Helmet is a unique breakthrough in the arena of welding. With a 3.64″ x 1.67″ clear visor viewing area, this helmet has an amazingly fast auto-darkening time of 1/25000 seconds and up to 72+ hours with the included three cell battery.

This solar powered model also has external grind knob that allows you to quickly switch between weld and grind modes without having to remove the helmet and adjustable headgear for more comfort.

3. Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

This welding helmet is made from polyamide nylon which ensures durability and a lightweight design. It’s large 9.3- square-inch viewing area with wide screen format provides improved visibility and has four independent arc sensors that provide dependable arc detection.

The grind mode prevents the lens from darkening for clear, visible grinding when needed. The versatility of this model will allow it to work in any environment such as DC TIG, AC TIG, MIG/MAG and MMA/Stick welding with sensitivity control and delay controls available to adjust.

This helmet is durable and lightweight with an adjustable, padded headgear. With four independent arc sensors for dependable arc detection, you’ll be able to work in any environment.

And this is the best welding helmet for flux core in reasonable price tag, that you can use it with TIG, MIG, Stick and all other types of welding equipment.

4. YESWELDER LYG-Q800D Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The YESWELDER LYG-Q800D Solar Powered Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is a great choice. Its True color technology enables users to not only see better, but also see more as it improves visibility and reduces eye strain. This helmet has a large viewing area with SIDE VIEW and is great for TIG, MIG, Plasma and Grinding.

The True color view – 1/1/1/2 optical clarity allows you to clearly see what your welding while providing clarity the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet’s view screen.

This model also has 4 premium sensors that allow you to adjust with precision. It also comes in a wide shade range DIN4~5/9~9/13 and has super large viewing size 3.93″ X3.23″ with SIDE VIEW. The pivot style headgear provides increased comfort allowing you to work for long periods without discomfort.

The best thing about this model is that it is solar powered so you don’t need to worry about charging the batteries or anything like that. It also has a 3 cell battery that can run up to 72+ hours.

5. Jackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a great choice. With its True color technology, you can see better and it has been designed with the hope of minimizing eye strain. The viewing area is 3.94″ x 2.36″ and offers optimal visibility during all stages of the welding process without lifting the hood, which makes this helmet perfect for working in tight spots.

This helmet also comes in a wide shade range of 9 to 13 and has digital controls that enable welders to enjoy enhanced visibility and color recognition for companies that use MIG, TIG, STICK, or ARC welding processes with this safety gear on their facepiece.

This model also comes with our premium 370 Speed Dial easy grip/turn headgear system and has a variable darkening face mask for MIG, TIG, STICK, or ARC welding processes. The Speed Dial system has 370 dials for various tasks and durations allowing welders to experience enhanced visibility by changing the shade from 9 to 13. With this helmet’s CSA compliant, it is durable and gives you protection during welding.

6. Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Glossy VAR 7-13 W/Grind ADF Helmet

Lincoln Electric K3419-1 is perfect for welding with or without the hood up. It’s lightweight and ideal for its purpose. This unit has adjustable ratchet headband, so you can customize your fit easily.

It also has a 4-3/4″ dedicated slot for stick welding, and the slot remains open when the hood is raised. The facial shield is made from Lexan and the helmet’s face shield rotates with one hand. Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Grind ADF Helmet is light in weight, so installing it shouldn’t be a problem.

When it comes to welding with it up or down, you can do whatever you want. Its oversize sweatband provides great comfort. In addition, this helmet has a 1-1/2″ port at the top of the helmet that allows ventilation when the hood is open.

This model of welding helmet processes stick, tig, pulsed tig, mig and pulse mig as well as flux cored with ease of use. It is 11.87 inches in height and in addition has an included black glossy var 7-13 shade range and grind auto darkening facepiece that helps increase the wearer’s safety during welding.

7. Forney 55732 Easy Weld Series Velocity ADF Welding Helmet

The Forney 55732 has an impact resistant shell that is fireproof, so the wearer is safe when welding with it on. This model also has a 5-point adjustable geared headband to provide comfort and reduce wear on your neck and head. The quick-fit feature helps you adjust the size of the helmet with ease by just pulling down on a knob to fit your head properly without any effort or strain needed from you!

This auto darkening welding helmet has a 5/8” slot for stick welding, making it easy to work with during your projects. The lens is made from optical clarity to give you vision that is clear and bright. The shade selection knob has a grind option so you can easily control your shade without the feeling of sweating. The helmet’s auto-darkening feature makes it ideal for job sites with different lighting conditions to ensure safety for you and others working with you.

The internal switch controls include both sensitivity (high-low) and delay (min.-max.). These internal controls help minimize the risks of damage to the controls themselves or accidental setting changes while in use. The internal control on this helmet also acts as an indicator so you can easily see if the switch is in the on position or not. The solar cells with non-replaceable 3V lithium batteries (CR2032) allows you to use the helmet without draining your batteries.

The Forney 55732 Easy Weld Series Velocity ADF welding helmet has a 12-level shade selection and a viewing area of 5.97 square inches (3.62” x 1.65”) . It has optical clarity lenses that give you a more natural viewing experience with true color technology. The 2-3/4” DIN 9 to 13 variable shade selection (TIG) makes it easy for you to work with different materials and metals. You can also select between 50,000° or 1/25,000 second switching speed.

Buying Guide for buyer’s:

What is Flux Core Arc Welding?

Flux Core Arc Welding is an industrial process involving an electric arc between two pieces of metal. The arc is made between a metal rod and the electrode, which is a piece of metal with holes drilled in it.

Flux-core arc welding uses a higher voltage than MIG welding and produces much more heat and combustion gases (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen). The flux-core process produces a very high current, so you need to wear an arc-welding helmet to protect yourself from heat and fire. Flux core helmets are designed to absorb the heat without melting or releasing the current.

Flux-Core Welding Helmet Features

There are different types of flux-core welding helmets available in the market. Each of the helmets connects to different types of welding machines and offers protection from harmful substances like heat and fire.

Flux-core welding helmets are heavy duty, with a heavy steel frame and a solid cover to protect your face. The energy absorption properties are also strong in flux core helmets. Each helmet comes up with special features, depending on its purpose or requirements. They can be used on any type of welding machine, ranging from hand held TIG torches to robotic welding machines.

Flux-Core Helmet Uses

A flux core helmet can be used for several types of work, like industrial construction sites and steel warehouses. The helmet is also used in several other processes like plastic injection, automatic metal spraying, and seam welding. It is also used in the repair of trains and automobiles.

The helmet is made of a combination of materials such as steel, heat resistant plastic, and insulating foam for the head. The inner lining contains an assortment of special materials such as glass fiber, plastic film and protective wires. Covering the whole helmet are several layers of insulating material to prevent you from getting burned by the heat from your arc welding machine. These layers can be removed to allow you to adjust your headset for further comfort.

As a buyer, you should consider some information or factors:


Do you want to use it at home or in the workshop? Do you need a helmet that can be easily used by kids? Is it easy to switch between modes? How can you adjust the sensitivity of the helmet?


If you buy an auto-darkening helmet, check if it is easy for you to wear. Some helmets come with adjustable straps and elastic bands for comfort. If you have any issues with the helmet, call the manufacturer for help.


How durable is the construction of the helmet? Does it last long? Are the lenses easy to scratch or break? You should also check if it has a warranty or not. When you buy a helmet, you can use it for many years if it lasts long and has a warranty.


You should consider that price is an important factor when buying any product. But you do not have to buy the most expensive ones. You can find reliable helmets with good quality and cheap price.


If you have any doubts or issues about the helmet, do read the manual and look for the parts if there are any in the manual so that you can easily fix or replace when needed.

A word of caution: An auto-darkening welding helmet is not a toy. Children under the age of sixteen should not use this safety helmet. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before using it.

A welding helmet is a type of protective eyewear worn during welding to protect the eyes and face from ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, and sparks generated by the arc. The helmet can be made of a single piece of high-impact resistant, fireproof material or consist of a face shield attached to a hard hat frame that can withstand impact from any direction.

There are two main types of helmet, passive and active. Passive helmets do not contain a lens and must be pre-darkened prior to welding by a light source or they can also be manually pre-set to one of several selectable levels or shades of darkness. Active helmets contain a lens that darkens once the arc is struck and requires no additional pre-darkening.

The helmet should have lenses with the ability to filter out both ultraviolet light and infrared light because these wavelengths can be damaging to the eyes. The protective lenses should also have good optical properties, capable of providing a clear, undistorted view of the work area and arc.

Some helmets have a conditional-on-compatibility feature to allow them to darken according to the presence of air flow. This is accomplished by means of a built-in fan vent to force air through the helmet’s lens. The helmet’s ventilation system should include an internal airflow feature that allows the welding operator to regulate eye comfort by controlling the amount of air being exchanged inside the helmet.

Final Words

So this is the list of best welding helmets for flux core. In the market, there are many other helmets available with different features and prices. If you want any other helmet that we did not included in our list, then let us know.

Now it’s your turn: Leave a comment below to tell us more about your favorite auto darkening helmet and share your experience with us. I hope this guide will help you to choose the right one for you.

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