8 Best Gasless Welders in 2022 – Top Picks

Gasless welding tools are more convenient and cost-effective than gas welders. Gasless welders use a battery or an electrical outlet to create the same effect as gas-powered welding.

The best gasless welder is capable of producing a weld with a torch and electric wire. As convenient as gasless welding tools may be, many people don’t know much about them and if you’re shopping for one, it can be difficult to find the best model for your purposes.

The top welders are listed in this post if you’re shopping for a gasless welder. Below, we’ve also included comparisons between the eight best gasless models on the market. The following can help you find the perfect gasless welder for your needs.

The 8 Best Gasless Welders

1. Forney 261 Gasless Welder

Forney 261 is a popular gasless welder. Many customers like the entry-level price and performance of this product. It has a durable, all metal case that’s perfect for taking to home improvement, motorcycling and camping.

The Forney 261 is compatible with most standard MIG welding consumables, which ensures that you have easy access to welding parts. This welder has an auto-shut off feature that helps to avoid wire from becoming hot and melting. In addition, this model has an integrated handle for a comfortable grip and a torch wrap for convenient use.

It’s a good welder for beginners. The learning curve is quick, and this model is perfect for welding small parts and welding with bare wire. It’s also sturdy enough to handle occasional use by multiple users. This welder is suitable for household projects, small enterprises, or DIY auto repairs.

2. PrimeWeld MIG160 Gasless Welder

The PrimeWeld MIG160 gasless welder is a great option for beginners and pros both, making it one of the best gasless welders on the market. It’s easy to use and can handle most metals up to 1/4″ in thickness.

It is light and can be stored simply. The capacity of this gasless welder is more than enough for hobbyists and small jobs. It’s also perfect for DIY needs in the garage.

Whenever you need to do some welding, this welder can handle it for you. The MIG160 is designed to create a steady arc for the best welds possible. In addition, it can run on 110V and has a convenient carrying handle for easy transport between locations.

3. KICKINGHORSE F130 Gasless Welder

KICKINGHORSE F130 is a well-known gasless welder. It’s popular for its high output and ability to weld aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. In addition, this product can run both gas and flux core wire. The wire feed is designed to reduce spatter, which makes the welding process smoother.

The F130 works with a variety of shielding gases including helium-neon, argon-carbon dioxide, argon-helium mixture, argon-helium mix with helium. This welder is light and portable, weighing only 10 pounds. It’s easy to store, making the F130 a great option for mobile workers and hobbyists.

4. Titan 41185 Gasless Welder

Titan 41185 is a satisfying gasless welder. It’s perfect for light-duty repairs, maintenance, and fabrication on light gauge steel around the home and garage. The model welds up to 1/8″ thick mild steel and is not suitable for welding aluminum.

For choosing the best gasless welder, you should consider the machine’s duty cycle. Titan 41185 has a duty cycle of 60% at 90 amps, which is more than sufficient for most hobbyists and home repairs.

It’s suitable for most household projects and light to medium-duty repair. It can weld stainless steel, thick steel sheets, copper, and aluminum. As an entry-level gasless welder, it provides great quality for a small price.

5. SereneLife SLMIGWL140 Gasless Welder

SereneLife’s SLMIGWL140 Gasless Welder is a modern and easy to use MIG welder, perfect for beginners just starting out. This model calculates wire feed speed and pulse control automatically to determine your optimal settings, ensuring consistency in quality and productivity.

It is a gasless and wire feed welder, making it easy for beginners to use. The product is highly portable and features a lightweight design. It has an adjustable welding speed, which allows you to match your needs with the perfect texture and finish.

The product is suitable for DIY needs and small repairs or crafts around the house. This welder was designed for professionals who need to get their equipment on the job site. As well, this welder can be used to create arts and crafts such as jewelry.

6. PrimeWeld MIG180 Gasless Welder

PrimeWeld MIG180 is the top gasless welder in its class with dual voltage and a spool gun to weld aluminum. It also has multiple welding processes including stick, MIG and flux-core wire. The MIG180 is light and portable and can be used by beginners because it is so easy to use.

This machine is specially designed for professionals, making it one of the best options in the market. If you are looking for a specific welder to weld aluminum and stainless steel, PrimeWeld MIG180 is what you need.

The PrimeWeld MIG180 has very consistent performance and power and can operate on a 220-volt outlet. The MIG180 is one of the most superb welding machines for aluminum, welding steel and welding sticks!

7. TTAMPLAR 130A Gasless Welder

TTAMPLAR 130A is one of the best flux core wire welder products on the market. If you are looking for a gasless welder, this model is an excellent option to consider. It has an automatic wire feed system and can operate on 110V.

This welder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs. TTAMPLAR 130A welds stainless steel, cast iron, mild steel and aluminum among other metals. The IGBT inverter technology provides consistent performance and tends to reduce the amount of spatter.

For the beginners, this product can be an excellent choice. It is a full-featured gasless MIG welder with a consistent power output that makes it perfect for welding aluminum.

8. Goplus 130 Gasless Welder

Goplus 130 Gasless Welder is a perfect choice for the beginner. It is a lightweight, portable and gasless MIG welder manufactured with simple operating buttons. The Goplus 130 has 4 levels of current flow settings that make it capable of handling thin steel, iron, and aluminum.

This MIG welder also has two air-vent on the machine to help heat dissipation as well as an automatic wire feed system. The welding gun with full on/off safety control also helps ensure a consistent weld.

The Goplus 130 Gasless Welder is fairly affordable. It has a wire spacing system and a light for people looking for dependable welding machines.


Gasless welders are becoming more popular for everyday use. If you are looking for a specific welder that is portable and suitable for small jobs and repairs, you should consider choosing gasless models.

It is also known as wire-feed or MIG welding machines because you can control the amount of energy delivered to the workpiece by the wire feed mechanism. They use a constant current source to deliver energy using either gas or flux-cored wires.

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