11 Best Cheap Welder For Beginners – Top Picks & Reviews

There are all sorts of decisions to be made when it comes to purchasing a welder, but the most important one could be whether or not you want an electric welder. If you’re looking for a cheap welder, this is probably your best option if you are beginner at welding.

This article will tell you where to start and what to consider when searching for an affordable welding machine that won’t cost more than $200, and what types of machines are available.

In this guide, we compared the best cheap welder for beginners and other buyers who are looking for a cheap, good quality welder.

The main features of the products discussed here include, among other things, the following:

Top 3 Picks

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The 11 Best Cheap Welder For Beginners

1. YESWELDER Stick Welder

YESWELDER Stick Welder is a great project for beginners because it’s economical, reliable, easy to carry and store, and it has automatic compensation of voltage fluctuation, over-current protection and auto-adaptive arc force. The stick welder does not come with a welder gun, but it’s the perfect addition to your toolkit if you’re looking for a good quality welding machine for a cheap price.

We had no problem using the YESWELDER Stick Welder and welding both aluminum and steel rods. It’s very easy to operate, as long as you have some welding experience under your belt.

The price point is excellent, and you definitely get a great value for your money. When you compare this 10 lb. model with some of the larger, heavier duty welding machines on the market, you will see a big difference in terms of price and affordability.

The YESWELDER Stick Welder is ideal for any beginner or hobbyist who is interested in learning how to weld. If you’re looking for welding projects that don’t require a lot of work, the YESWELDER is the perfect machine for you.

The compact design and light weight can make it easy for you to bring the welding machine along places. The automatic hot start feature that provides easy, quick and reliable arc starts makes this cheap welder perfect for beginners.

2. DEKOPRO 110-220V MMA Welder

The DEKOPRO 110-220V MMA welder is a powerful welder capable of welding mild steel, weld steel, and cast iron. The welding machine features ETL certificate for added safety and the device undergoes strict inspection.

The welder is a great choice for your beginner projects. It’s easy to operate and it’s quick and easy to start working on welding projects. What we like about it the most on this unit is the built-in anti-stick and hot start features, which minimizes the chances that you’ll get burnt while welding.

The 110-220V MMA Welder is an affordable, powerful, and easy to use welding machine that will provide professional quality results. It has the ability to weld mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron as well as other metal materials. The MMA welder features dual voltage and dual current, meaning it can easily be used in countries all over the world.

The 110-220V MMA Welder has a recommended operating voltage of 110-220V and a maximum operating current of 10-160A with 160Amps IGBT Inverter Technology.

We had no problem using the 110-220V MMA Welder, and were able to perform a variety of welding projects in our garage. We were very impressed with the power output and performance of this affordable welder.

3. HEYUP 110V-220V Dual Voltage Arc Welder

The HEYUP 110V-220V Dual Voltage Arc Welder is a user friendly and affordable welder for entry level beginners interested in learning how to weld. With IGBT control technology, which ensures the exact current and smooth joint, this MMA welder makes for a great project for someone who is just getting started. The lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry and store, and it’s also easy to use.

The HEYUP 110V-220V Dual Voltage Arc Welder has a dual voltage and dual current, meaning it can be used in multiple countries and around the world. This makes the MMA welder ideal for those who travel or move around frequently.

For anyone who is looking for a powerful welder at an excellent price, the HEYUP 110V-220V Dual Voltage Arc Welder is a great buy. You will notice a big difference in terms of price and quality when compared to some of the other welding machines on the market.

With IGBT control technology, which ensures accurate and smooth welds, this MMA welder makes for an excellent project for beginners. We performed a number of welding projects on the 110V-220V Dual Voltage Arc Welder and were able to get great results with this welder. The quality of welds was very good for a machine of this price.

4. HONE 110V-220V Stick Welder

The HONE 110V-220V Stick Welder is an easy to operate and portable welder that is designed to handle a wide range of welding applications. With IGBT control technology, which ensures the exact current and smooth joint, this MMA welder makes for a great project for someone who is just getting started.

The HONE 110V-220V Stick Welder is an ideal welder for beginning welders, as well as occasional welders who are looking for a cost effective option. It’s also convenient for anyone on a budget or who is looking to make some home improvements.

The HONE 110V-220V Stick Welder is an invert arc welder with smart IGBT control technology. This means that it regulates the current and power, meaning smoother welds and a more consistent arc, as well as a faster heat-up time.

The HONE 110V-220V Stick Welder can handle a variety of welding consumables such as 1/8″ steel rod, aluminum and copper rods. The compact design makes it easy to handle and store, making it an ideal project for anyone who is just getting started.

5. TEWLEN 225Amp Welder

Are you in need of a reliable arc welder with various features? The TEWLEN 225Amp Welder was designed to be your go-to solution. With IGBT technology, this arc welder features smooth welds and an accurate current, making it an ideal choice for welding and soldering.

The welder is equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection, making it safe and reliable. This arc welder features a digital display that shows the output current. The compact design makes it easy to carry and store when not in use. It can handle 1/8″ steel rod, making it ideal for a variety of projects and repair work.

This welding machine is equipped with an inverter IGBT technology that ensures optimal performance. It balances the power automatically, ensuring complete control, even in a repetitive situation. The welder’s digital and automatic control makes it easy to use. This arc welder is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

6. Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Plus Welder

The Display4top MIG 130 welder machine is a flux-cored wire compressor for welding; it uses convenient Flux-Cored Wire and an Automatic Thermal Safety Protection that suits for welding carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel etc.

This welding machine features a hand grip that makes it easy to carry, making it perfect for home applications. The TIG torch allows you to change its components easily without the need of any tools. You can weld with confidence knowing that this arc welder comes with overcurrent and thermal protection, which will automatically turn it off if it is overloaded or too hot.

The welder also offers an internal fan-cooling system that helps keep things cool when in use. This portable welder makes it easy to take along on many tasks and projects. The compact design makes it easy to store when not in use.

7. RILAND MIG Welder

The RILAND MIG welder is a flux-cored wire compressor for welding and can easily weld up to 1/4 inch. It also has a convenient carry belt that makes it easy to carry around the working site. It comes with a MIG torch and 5 replaceable 030 contact tips that help improve the arc performance.

This welder can easily weld up to 3/4 inch, handles 0.030 inch flux-cored wire and comes with a wire spool holder. The welder also comes with 1 x 2 pounds of 0.30 inch flux-cored wire, 1 x MIG torch, 1 x earth clamp, 1 x UL proved power cord, 1 x welding helmet and 12pcs x 030′ contact tip. It also features an easy to set up design that makes it perfect for hobbyists.

And this is the best cheap beginner welding kit in this list with value of under $200.

8. TOOLIOM 135A MIG Welder

This wire welder is powered by standard 120 (110V) household current and is multi-function. It can be used for MIG, Lift Tig, Flux Mig and handles up to 1/8 inch (3.0mm) plate steel with output of 135A that is perfect for welding mild steel.

The welder can easily weld up to .030″ (.8mm), .035″ (.9mm) with flux core wire and can handle E7018 basic electrode perfectly. And this wire welder also comes with a protection bag so it’s ready to go after purchase!

The welder also features a big enough to handle 2 pounds rolls of wire and has a tool box so it won’t take up too much space in your garage.

9. ETOSHA MIG 160 Welder

As well beginners welder, this wire welder comes with a heavy duty cooling fan, made with dual-ball bearing to maximize airflow for a cooler environment. It also features an advanced cooling system and has perfect compatibility for mild steel of stainless steel. This wire welder is easily carryable in size and weight so it doesn’t take up too much space or weight either!

The wire welder also features an overheat protection as well as a water splash protection making it perfect for outdoor repairs. The welder also has overload protection and allows you to change the settings easily with a hand knob so it’s great for home repairing tasks!

This MIG machine uses 0.8-0.9mm flux core wire and is powered by standard 110 (120V) household current. It’s rated IP21 for water splash protection, has overheat protection and overload protection to keep things running smoothly.

It also features a comfortable hand grip for easy operation, an easy to start arc, can weld raw steel, white steel, staircase and more. It’s suitable for home DIY jobs as well as outdoor repairs and is perfect for those looking to save money on this heavy duty welder that’s sturdy enough to stand up against abuse every day!

10. HITBOX 3 In 1 Mig Welder

The HITBOX 3 In 1 MIG welder is a 110 voltage, 220 volt dual-voltage MIG welder with Lift TIG function and ARC(MMA) / MIG capability. It is compatible with 0.8 mm flux core wire and usable for welding carbon steel, Iron or stainless steel.

The panel of the HITBOX 3 In 1 welder is very simple which make it much easier to operate by giving access to adjustment of wire feed speed, power settings, etc. It also has a rated duty cycle of 40% at 120 amps which protect you for any long-lasting damage but still maintain an adequate performance due to this feature as well as providing safety features such as automatic shutdown when it gets too hot, the voltage and current exceeds the range and so on.

The HITBOX MIG welder comes with a safety feature where it is automatically turned off when it gets too hot or the voltage and current exceed their range. You can also ensure that this flux core welder will last a longer time by using this feature every time you’re doing your job.

Hitbox portable welder offers a good warranty with a 2 year warranty for the MIG welder and a 1 year warranty for other components included.

Hitbox portable welder offers precious warranty for peace of mind! HBM1200 features a dual-voltage 120/220V which is perfect for MIG, Stick, TIG welding. It’s easy to handle but the welder don’t have much power.

11. VIVOHOME 130 Flux Core MIG Welder

The VIVOHOME 130 Flux Core MIG Welder is a great choice for home repairs and hobby projects on light gauge steel. It delivers a professional finish for any thin steel welding or auto body work you may need, being powerful and efficient.

It is particularly well-suited for projects of mild steel and stainless steel, and this MIG welder features 4x current flow settings. Adjust the current and 10-speed variable feed controls for perfectly managed flux-cored welding of thin steel, stainless or aluminum sheet metal, or even thicker steel.

This welding machine is also lightweight and compact with a comfortable hand grip to make it easy to carry wherever you want – it weighs only 34.6 lbs so that you can effortlessly take it as far as you can.

The VIVOHOME MIG Welder has a durable construction, made of sturdy steel so that it will last for a long time. The functionality and performance of the VIVOHOME 130 Flux Core Mig Welder make it the ideal choice for home repairs and hobby projects on light gauge steel!

Final words

If you are interested in buying a DIY mig welder, you should definitely consider one of the models we have listed. They are so cheap and they provide you with everything you may need for your projects or repairs, with a great quality.

We have reviewed several of the best sold models on the market, so that you know in advance what to expect from certain models and which ones are the best for your needs. Whatever your decision is, be sure to do some research about these machines before buying them.

We hope that our detailed reviews of these products will help you in making the best decision to buy the welder you need.

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